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From the tri-state region
to the entire world

We are closely linked to our headquarters in Ebersach-Neugersdorf. Here we bear the economic and social responsibility for Upper Lusatia. We are one of the largest training companies in the region, promote social projects and support cultural life. Our region is located in the centre of European automobile production. From here we reach customers throughout the world.

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MBN – Maschinenbaubetriebe Neugersdorf GmbH
Dr.-Robert-Koch-Straße 2-4
02727 Ebersbach-Neugersdorf

Phone:  +49 3586 7839-0
Telefax: +49 3586 7839-161

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open from 07:00 am – 16:00 pm (Mon – Fri)

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MBN Maschinenbaubetriebe Neugersdorf GmbH
A company of the INDUS Group
Pursuing Exemplary Business Management and Control

INDUS has been a proponent of SME-sector values and principles for more than three decades. The values of transparency, fairness and reliability and of ethical conduct in accordance with legal requirements play a decisive role in this. The conduct of the management and supervisory bodies of INDUS Holding AG is governed by the principles of good and responsible corporate governance geared toward long-term success. Efficient and trusting cooperation are just as important as transparent internal and external communication and protecting the shareholders’ interests. The Board of Management and Supervisory Board have thus for years followed German Corporate Governance Code recommendations. This provides suggestions for good and responsible corporate governance based on accepted national and international standards.

Sustainable commerce provides the basis for positive future prospects for the environment, society and the economy and for each individual employee or business partner of MBN Maschinenbaubetriebe Neugersdorf GmbH and our shareholder, INDUS Holding AG.

The cornerstones of the culture of INDUS are the distribution of the key requirements and their independent implementation and management in the subsidiary companies, as well as a shared understanding of values and the minimisation of risks for a sustainable corporate development.

The “SpeakUp” reporting system creates additional trust and security on the basis of a clearly defined structure for the reporting and the escalation process which is accessible to everyone, thereby ensuring the sustainable success of the group and averting damage.

Public channels are also available. In Germany, the legislator generally provides for the priority of an internal repor

Here you will find SpeakUp. *(The whistleblower system “SpeakUp” is available on a secure, external server.)

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